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"Intensive study of vocal technique as applied to the literature for active singers"

Participants Talk About the Program

There are different levels of professionals and students mixing which I don't think happens very often. I find a most special aspect of the program, apart of course, from working with Dan Ferro, is that you can share the experience with your peers and watch amazing progress taking place. Working with Dan Ferro in the master classes and the technique lessons was very important for me. It has shown me a lot of new approaches toward singing and I look forward to integrating them into my work. In addition the work with the coaches was very helpful for me too. All that and the friendly international atmosphere among all the participants of the program made me feel very comfortable and guaranteed a wonderful time.

Steffen Kubach, Germany

What is so wonderful about the DFVP here in Greve is that, having traveled most of the year working, I then have three weeks to concentrate on my repertoire with a teacher and four pianists whose musical experience encompasses a great variety of musical styles and repertoire, and work alongside colleagues in a wonderful relaxing and very stimulating setting.

Peter Castaldi, USA was of the highest calibre in both form and content and has changed my expectations of my teachers and myself.

Rachel Tucker, US

This environment both in the geographical setting and in the sessions themselves invites calm reflection on technique and interpretation of the repertoire, but also helps singers at whatever stage of their development to take account of their overall progression and realise where the next steps in his or her development may lie. So much can be understood about singing during the three weeks intensive study. Yet the lessons, coachings and master classes provide fountains of information which singers take away with them and draw on for a long time after. We absorb so much from the classes, both directly and through watching our colleagues working on their own voices and repertoire. The supportive atmosphere encourages singers to feel confident to use the information that they are learning, and once this happens, the result is magical.

Máire O'Brien, Ireland

The technique and way of singing that you stressed is exactly what I strive for.... Not just to sing better, but to become a singer with a sense of style and different spark from everyone else. This profession takes dedication, time, awareness, exposure, practice and passion, and you and your program instilled those qualities in me.

Danielle Pizzorni, USA

The wonderful Tuscan setting and atmosphere seems to bring out the best in everybody, including Daniel Ferro. The intensive focus on music and the voice is embedded in a give and take also amongst the participants, which lasts beyond the three weeks in Greve. What more can you ask for?

Martin Bruns, Switzerland

This was a wonderful, memorable experience and I appreciate all the efforts, direction and support I received from you and the faculty.

Alexander Hajek, Canada

It was certainly the most inspirational thing I have done for myself and for my singing career.

Sune Hjerrild, Denmark

"Dan Ferro has taught some of the most
important singers of the 20th Century"

Brian Zeger - The Juilliard School
The Metropolitan Opera

2017 Celebrations of Daniel Ferro

Honoring his life-long passion for the beauty of music and vocal arts education

April 7, 8 and 9, 2017 New York, New York

In recognition of Maestro Ferro’s April 10th Birthday, a Series of Master Classes, Coachings and a Musical Evening are scheduled and will feature the international faculty and singers of the vocal program in Greve in Chianti.

For more details, contact:

September 24, 2017, Abbaye de Royaumont, Asnières-sur-Oise, France

Homage to Daniel Ferro and his influence in the renewal of voice teaching in France in the 80’s

For more information, contact:

Celebration of Daniel and his passion for
"Beautiful and Healthy Singing"

As established by Daniel Ferro, fundraising efforts throughout the year are dedicated for scholarship aid and to keep intensive training accessible to talented singers. In addition, plans are underway to provide access to Maestro Ferro's vast library of music and materials.

Contributions may be made to the Daniel Ferro Vocal Program, Inc., 575 Madison Avenue, Suite 1006, New York, NY, 10022, which will be dedicated to continue to pass on to the next generation Daniel's legacy and life-long commitment to the vocal arts.

“20 Anni Daniel Ferro Vocal Program”

Corsi Di Perfezionamento Per Cantanti Lirico
Greve in Chianti – 1995-2014

A beautifully illustrated history of the vocal program including concert programs, history of concert locations, and comprehensive and detailed listing of participants and faculty members.

Limited editions are available on Amazon

Classical Singer features 20 years of The Daniel Ferro Vocal Program

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"Torch Song: The Daniel Ferro Vocal Program"

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